Returning to sport can be a precarious time and we often see injuries from people who just started training again.

1. Check with Physio

If you have taken a break from sport or working out due to an injury, always check with your physio or GP to check that you are ready to start training again. Even if you aren’t feeling pain or the injury is no longer sore, you may have lost strength or mobility due to the period of inactivity.

Your physio is a great resource for how much or little you should be pushing yourself after a break. They can also help you find alternatives to your standard training

2. Start Slow

Always start slow, whether you weight lift, run or play rugby it will take awhile to get back to your previous activity levels after a break. Remember your mobility, strength and endurance may all be affected depending on how long your break was.

Start slowly with activity and gradually build up to previous activity levels is important to avoiding injury. The last thing you want after a break is to immediately be injured again.

3. Stretch –

Stretch before and after each training session. Taking the time to properly warm up before a workout and stretch out after a workout will help you be less sore the next day and help to prevent injuries. This is especially important after taking time off of working out.

4. Cross Train

Competitiveness is always a part of playing sports and we can often get caught up in trying to be the best. But when it comes to returning to sport or training after a break don’t compare yourself to others. Some people will bounce back to pre-injury shape quicker than others, you might have different complications than others and pushing yourself too far too fast can quickly lead to injury.

Don’t be afraid to take workouts at your own pace or modify as needed. Push yourself, but if you feel any pain don’t be afraid to modify or skip a movement.

Take it easy! You may feel fine, but it is better to take it slow and steadily build your strength back up than to do too much too fast and sustain an injury or just be too sore to workout again!