Sydney Physio With Clinics Across the City

We are a leading group of physio clinics in Sydney.

With five clinics across Sydney, you’re guaranteed to find a Benchmark Physio near you.

We don’t just mask your pain – we fix the underlying problems. Call us today to find out more.

Remove. Restore. Redefine

Our Sydney Physiotherapy Clinics

Benchmark Physio is a leading group of physiotherapy clinics in Sydney, with locations in:

From humble beginnings in 1984, all the way up to these five locations located across South-West and East Sydney, we have grown into Sydney physio clinics that pride themselves on helping people stay healthy, active, and live life to the fullest. Our team is highly skilled and provides a wide range of physiotherapy treatments to Sydney residents.

If you’re frustrated because you’ve tried other treatments without success, or if you’re searching for a solution beyond the standard prescription of rest and painkillers, we can help. Visit us at any of our Sydney physiotherapy clinics for unparalleled care and support. We can help you find lasting relief and recovery.

Why Choose Us?

Our physiotherapists in Sydney guide you through our unique Pain to Performance methodology. Not just focusing on removing your pain, but fixing the underlying problems that led to your injury. This means long-term improvements! 

A Sydney physio that can Remove Your Pain
Remove Your Pain

Get fast relief & start moving again with 1 on 1 treatment tailored to your individual condition.

Restore Movement with our Sydney physiotherapists
Restore Your Movement

With the latest biomechanical screening software and state of the art facilities, we can transform the way your body moves so you feel stronger and more flexible.

Redefine Potential in our Sydney physiotherapy clinics
Redefine Your Potential

Our team of experts can help you exceed your goals for health & performance beyond what you thought possible.

A Physio in Sydney With a Difference

Are you after a physio in Sydney with a real difference? We have strong relationships with local GPs, sports physicians, and orthopaedic specialists, developed and sustained over many years.

This ensures all our patients receive the best and most appropriate medical management. We also work closely with sporting clubs and associations such as St George District Cricket Club, South Sydney Junior Rugby League representative teams, St George Touch Football Association, Revesby Swimming Club and Pagewood Soccer Club. 

Physiotherapy That Treats the Root Cause

Our physiotherapists are experts in their respective fields. We provide education to local doctors and we’re always up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Our five Sydney physio clinics are built on the relationships we build with clients, which only occur thanks to our great results. In addition, we’ve developed many long-standing relationships with happy, healthy clients. So if you’re after the best physio in Sydney, contact us today.

Benchmark Physio

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