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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining proper posture has never been more crucial. At Benchmark Physiotherapy, we’re at the forefront of offering specialised posture correction physiotherapy in Sydney, understanding the profound impact that posture has on overall health and wellbeing. Poor posture, a common issue affecting many, can lead to a host of problems, including pain, reduced mobility, and long-term spinal conditions such as kyphosis and lordosis.

Postural Conditions and Their Impact

Globally, it’s estimated that millions of people are affected by the adverse effects of poor posture, a sad fact of the widespread nature of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Poor posture, resulting from prolonged periods of sitting, especially with incorrect ergonomics, and the constant use of smartphones and computers, places excessive strain on the body and results in issues such as forward head posture. Poor posture only affects the spine but also leads to pain, discomfort and movement issues in the neck, lower back, and upper back. The ramifications extend beyond immediate pain, contributing to a range of conditions such as kyphosis, where the spine curves excessively outward, chronic headaches, and even digestive issues.

Moreover, habits like slouching exacerbate these problems, increasing the load on spinal joints and muscles, and leading to a cycle of pain and discomfort. The longer poor posture is maintained, the greater the risk of developing significant movement problems and painful areas. It’s not just about the aches; poor posture can significantly impact overall health, leading to decreased energy levels, impaired circulation, and even affecting mental health. And when we treat posture, we make sure we take care of it from every angle. 

Physiotherapy’s Role in Restoring Healthy Posture

At Benchmark Physiotherapy, we combine our expertise in physiotherapy for posture correction with cutting-edge technology, such as posture screening software, to assess and develop personalised treatment plans. Our approach not only addresses existing pain but also aims at preventing future postural problems. Through a blend of targeted exercises, manual therapy, and practical advice on maintaining optimal posture in daily activities, our physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, pain-free posture.

Recognising these postural issues early and seeking professional intervention from a dedicated posture correction physiotherapy service is key to prevent the escalation of these conditions. Through targeted exercises, lifestyle adjustments, and sometimes even changes to the workplace ergonomics, it’s possible to reverse the effects of poor posture and prevent the long-term health issues it can cause.

Your Journey to Better Posture

Taking the first step towards improved posture and spinal health is easy with Benchmark Physiotherapy. Our expert team is ready to guide you through a comprehensive assessment, setting you on the path to a healthier posture and a better quality of life. Contact us today to schedule your posture correction assessment and let us help you live life to the fullest, free from the constraints of poor posture.

Our online physiotherapy appointments are conducted via end-to-end encrypted video calls, similar to facetime or zoom. Through this call the physiotherapists will ask you questions about your pain, how it affects you throughout the day, and what movements you struggle with. They will also guide you through a series of exercises to test your mobility and strength.

After this comprehensive analysis, the physiotherapist will provide information on your injury (likely diagnosis) including education on how to best manage this injury. They will also provide rehab exercises to provide symptom relief and long term improvements.

This includes an individualized exercise program. Exercise programs are essential to long term relief and treating underlying conditions that will prevent recurrences of injuries.

Our aim is to make completing your exercise program as easy as possible. Upon commencement of your first appointment, you will be sent access to an app that will show your individual exercise program, allowing you to track completion of exercises and notes on each exercise. You can also use this app to send messages to your physiotherapist. Meaning you can get answers to questions as they occur.

Unlike traditional physiotherapy where you see a therapist a few times a week, you will have one formal session per week over video call. This session is a time for the physiotherapist to assess your injury progress, and work with you to increase the difficulty of your exercises. In-between sessions, you can message your physiotherapist and ask any questions that come up.

For many conditions, especially those where building strength and increasing mobility is a major factor for recovery, online physiotherapy can be just as effective as traditional physiotherapy.

If you love evidence and want to read up on the effectiveness of telehealth, there are a number of articles on this topic found here.

We always want to ensure that you are getting the treatment that you need. This is why we require a phone call with a physiotherapist to book your appointment. This allows us to know if your condition is right for online physiotherapy.

During this phone call, we will take payment over the phone and will book your initial appointment.

Since April 2021, private health insurance will provide rebates for online appointments. Please contact your insurer if you would like to take advantage of this.

High-quality internet and a device with a camera are both required for online appointments. You can use your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

We do recommend starting sessions with the device on a stable surface facing you to discuss your injury with the physiotherapist. You will also need a space where you can set the device 2 meters away, with room to move. This way, the physiotherapist can guide you through a series of exercises to assess your range of movement and strength.

Set up can be as simple as the tablet propped up against a box or on your table, in your living room. Just ensure the box/table is far enough away to capture most of your movements on the screen.

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