Remove. Restore. Redefine

As Clemton Park physios, we offer unparalleled physiotherapy services to patients in need of expert care. Our highly skilled physiotherapists are dedicated to providing the best possible treatments and advice to help you overcome pain, improve mobility, and maintain optimal physical health. We provide physiotherapy services to Clemton Park residents from our Earlwood clinic.

Why Choose Us?

With our unique Pain to Performance methodology, we don’t just focus on removing your pain but fixing the underlying problems that led to your injury.

A Sydney physio that can Remove Your Pain
Remove Your Pain

Get fast relief & start moving again with 1 on 1 treatment tailored to your individual condition.

Restore Movement with our Sydney physiotherapists
Restore Your Movement

With the latest biomechanical screening software and state-of-the-art facilities, we can transform the way your body moves so you feel stronger and more flexible.

Redefine Potential in our Sydney physiotherapy clinics
Redefine Your Potential

Our team of experts can help you exceed your goals for health & performance beyond what you thought possible.

Physiotherapist Clemton Park: Expertise You Can Trust

Our Physiotherapist Clemton Park team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering the highest standard of care. We utilise safe and effective treatment methods that not only alleviate pain but address the underlying causes to prevent future issues. Whether you’re seeking alternative treatment options or are dissatisfied with previous care, our Clemton Park physiotherapists can help.

Collaborating with Local GPs and Specialists: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Care

At Benchmark Physio, we believe that collaboration is key to providing the highest quality care. Over the years, we have cultivated strong relationships with local GPs, sports physicians, and orthopaedic specialists to ensure our patients receive the best possible medical management. By working closely with Clemton Park residents, our physiotherapists develop a multidisciplinary approach tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Partnering with Sporting Clubs and Associations

Our team takes pride in our collaborations with various sporting clubs and associations, such as St George District Cricket Club, South Sydney Junior rugby league representative teams, St George Touch football Association, Revesby Swimming Club, and Pagewood Soccer Club. Our expertise contributed to a record-low injury rate for the South Sydney Junior rugby league teams in 2014.

Working with Local Gyms

Our clinic maintains strong connections with many local gyms, allowing us to provide our Clemton Park patients with a holistic approach to their physical well-being. By working closely with gym trainers and fitness professionals, our physios develop personalised exercise plans to complement your lifestyle.

Continuing Education for Local Doctors: Empowering Healthcare Professionals

At Benchmark Physio, our team is dedicated to maintaining a thorough understanding of the latest advancements in physiotherapy. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our own clinic, as we strive to empower local doctors with up-to-date knowledge and insights into the most current and effective treatment methods. By investing in continuing education initiatives for healthcare professionals, we aim to strengthen the overall quality of care within our community.

A Clinic Built on Great Results and a Friendly Atmosphere

At Benchmark Physio, we pride ourselves on our track record of great results and the friendly atmosphere at our physiotherapy clinics. Our Clemton Park patients consistently return for our exceptional care, and we receive numerous referrals from GPs, sports physicians, and orthopaedic specialists. Choose us for your physiotherapy needs, and experience the difference of a dedicated team focused on helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to book an appointment. 

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