Over the last 2 years and more recently with the current covid-19 outbreak we have seen a huge spike in patients suffering from spinal pain. Many people are also moving less and working from home in an environment that is not ergonomically ideal. As you are aware, poor working ergonomics combined with poor sitting and working posture is a massive contributor to these problems we are seeing. 

In our clinic, we now use a software screening tool called Posture Screen to help us better deal with these issues. 

What does Posture Screen Do?

It is a software application that allows us to see information quickly, yet objectively and accurately about a patient’s posture, working environment, and even specific functional movements and activities.

By using the Posture Screen postural and movement screening tool we can assess the underlying mechanical issues that are contributing to the patient’s pain and dysfunction and stop the cycle of recurring problems.   Additionally, we can deliver state of the art custom postural and functional exercises to your patient

The Posture Screen application has been scientifically evaluated and have shown that “Assessing static standing posture via Posture Screen provides repeatable measures for anatomical landmarks that were found to have substantial or almost perfect agreement. Our data also suggest that this technology may also be useful for diagnosing forward head posture.” J Phys Ther Sci. 2016 Dec; 28(12): 3398–3402.

In another related study by different authors, it was noted that “The posture screen software application has demonstrated strong rater reliability and preliminary evidence of construct validity. This application may have utility in clinical and research settings.”  J Phys Ther Sci. 2018 Jan; 30(1): 31–36.

What do we use the Posture screen for?

1. We can assess a patients standing posture using 1,2 or 4 standing images taken on an iPad to accurately measure angles and linear distances. Once this has been performed, we use a combination of written reports and images to analyse the information so we can deliver the types of physiotherapy treatment techniques that are required. It enables us to deliver a customised treatment plan combined with specific postural and functional exercises to your patients. We also use a posture screen to track postural changes the patient is making with treatment.

Posture Screen Standing Image 2 (2)

2. We can assess a patients sitting posture at home or in a working environment where we precisely evaluate this using a lateral image taken on an iPad of the patient sitting at home or at their workstation. We are then able to formulate a plan and advice the patient very specifically as to what is required so they can correct their work setup.

Posture Screen Standing Image Cropped

3. We can assess a patient performing any functional movement or activity with video on an iPad to precisely evaluate any essential components of movement, balance or strength that are lacking.  This enables us to not only plan our treatment but to identify the causative factors which lead to the patient’s problem. This significantly reduces the likelihood of recurrent symptoms. 

Posture Screen Movement Image Cropped

Obviously manual therapy techniques, core strengthening using our clinic’s Pilates equipment and home programs are the mainstay of physiotherapy but with the addition of the Posture Screen application, we can deliver an even more effective customised treatment plan which will resolve your patient’s problem. 

If you would like any more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.