A lot of clients come to see me at the clinic and ask “Nick, isn’t there something I can do straight away to reduce this frustrating knee pain?”

Often, they then go on to tell me how they are sick of taking pain-killers and anti-inflammatories and just want a quick easy solution to reduce their knee issues.

Over the years, I have refined knee treatment down to a fine-art and the first stage almost always begins with relaxing tight muscles. After this, you can progress to the more in-depth component of strengthening and retraining muscles to ensure you really fix the problem for good.


Today however, I want to share with you the two quickest and easiest ways that you can take control of your knee issues immediately using nothing more than a piece of condensed foam or plastic.

So, here’s the two quick techniques that you can use to reduce your frustrating knee pain by 50% within 5 minutes.


1️⃣ Using a foam roller

A Foam Roller is a cylindrical piece that is covered with a sheet of hard-celled foam. Using the foam roller simply requires pressure on the muscles to release tension, trigger points or muscular ‘knots’. Think of how dough is rolled out with a bread roller to get the air pockets out so that the dough is nice and smooth. This is essentially what the foam roller is doing to the muscles, smoothing out these knots from muscles. Depending on how sore your muscles are, start off very light as this can be very uncomfortable and painful at times even for the most in-shape athlete. The reason for this is due to the pressure being applied to the muscle tissues with a foam roller, which is why I suggest starting off lightly, especially if this is the first time using this highly beneficial technique.


2️⃣ Using a massage stick

Never fear if it hurts to put your knees directly onto the ground, or even if the thought of trying to get off the ground is scary, there is a solution! The massage stick is a fantastic way to loosen tight muscles and roll out muscular ‘knots’ thereby having an influence on the knee and reducing issues immediately. Simply sit in a chair, apply some cream directly to your skin, and roll the massage stick up and down your leg, using about 50 – 60% maximum pressure. Try to aim for 60 seconds at a time and build up as your tolerance builds up. You will notice that as the tolerance to the massage stick pressure increases, the knee issues decrease – so stick with it!

3️⃣ Bonus Tip

Although both of the techniques above will have a big impact in reducing knee discomfort, it is important to remember that you are still only managing the symptoms. The muscles have become tight in the first place due to other issues, and I will be talking about these later on.

So, my advice is to definitely reduce your pain, but also consult an expert physiotherapist who can actually identify the root cause of your knee troubles rather than just managing symptoms.

So that’s my top 3 tips that can be implemented immediately to reduce knee discomfort.

I have written a special e-book on the top ways to reduce your knee pain fast, you can download it by clicking here:


Yours in health,

Nick Young