Are You, Or Someone You Know Experiencing Knee Pain?

You know the type of pain that restricts your independence, aches when you walk up or down stairs, stops you from kneeling down and generally just frustrates you regularly?

If you can relate to this, rest assured, you’re in good company – we see sore, stiff, restricted knees in the clinic all the time. We also see people who are fed up with having to deal with the pain that is associated with it.

Questions like – do I have to live with it forever? And ‘why did it begin in the first place?’ are very common.

Particularly if it has just started to worsen without any real reason behind it. This is very common in knee pain, and just as common is the idea that it will magically reduce itself overnight! Unfortunately – most of the time, this doesn’t happen!

Well, what if I told you, there was a really simple taping technique that can reduce knee pain almost instantly. Would you want to know more?

The McConnell taping technique is a super easy technique, that takes about 5 minutes to complete, which repositions the kneecap into its correct place and reduces knee pain FAST!

How to Strap a Knee

Step 1: Position the knee out straight

Step 2: Position fixomull directly over the top of the kneecap, going from the outside of the knee to the inside.

Step 3: Locate the bottom of the kneecap and then position one piece of fixomull at a 45-degree angle to the bottom of the kneecap and place facing upwards towards the outside of the thigh.

Step 4: Position the second piece of fixomull at a 45-degree angle to the bottom of the kneecap and place facing upwards towards the inside of the thigh

Step 5: Using rigid tape, place the tape on the outside of the knee, directly on top of the fixomull, then gently pull the tape across, while gently pushing the kneecap the opposite way. There should be a slight fold, as indicated by the red line in the second photo.

Step 6: Then place the rigid tape on the two diagonal pieces, gently pulling the kneecap upwards and holding it in place.

There you have it, as simple as that, now here are a few very important points:

  1. Do not leave on the skin if it becomes red, itchy or swollen. You are having an allergic reaction to the tape and you need to take it off ASAP.
  2. When you take the tape off, make sure you do it in the shower, and gently pull.
  3. Moisturize your skin after the tape comes off

Remember to always have a discussion with your physiotherapist as to whether this taping will help you, before you start.