Sydney is home to so many picturesque places and fun things to do. From beautiful views to adrenaline filled activities and award-winning beaches.

We really do have it all.

Living in Sydney means you can walk along sandy coastlines, explore the past and hike through amazing national parks filled with natural beauty.

But, if you’ve got back pain – then it becomes almost impossible to enjoy all that Sydney has to offer.

Just last week we have 4 people call the clinic to tell us their back pain had “flared up” again!

It’s not uncommon that we hear that these flare-ups mean activities and family days out, which have been planned for a while, have to be rain checked and put aside for another day…

…until their back pain goes away.

Which is something that’s unlikely to go away on its own, and if it does, it usually means it will flare up again.

So, here’s 5 great place to visit and do in Sydney (that a lot of our patients have told us they can’t do, because their back is so bad, they’re scared it will put them out).

1. Royal National Park

Many Sydneysiders haven’t stepped foot in this pristine bushland.

There’s a whole range of activities to do when you’re there, whether that’s walk the many trails, swim, bike ride, picnic, camp, snorkel, fish or go birdwatching.

The scenery from walking and hiking through this beautiful Park is breathtaking.

Governor Game provides a lookout where you can spot humpback whales during migration season (between May and November).

This is a must for anyone who hasn’t been, and even if you have, why not go back and do something you didn’t last time?

2. Gordon’s Bay

This secluded oasis is protected by an off-shore reef and means navigating some steep steps to get down to.

Once you make it down the steps, this is an ideal place to swim, dive and snorkel.

You can follow the underwater nature trail by diving, or on a clear day, you can do it from the surface by snorkeling.

3. Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge

This one may be a bit on the extreme side for some, and it’s not something that every Sydneysider has done or will do.

But it’s an absolute must, if just for the views!

Minus the grey jumpsuit you have to wear, this is a great activity which is also educational as you make your way to the top, there’s even an express option.

Through the day you can see Sydney Harbour in all its majesty and at night, it takes on a whole new magnitude.

This is an experience you should definitely tick off the list.

4. Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk

Beaches, rock pools, parks and spectacular coastal views…

What more could you ask for?

The walk can take up to 2 hours but there’s no shortage of things to do along the way.

You’ll pass Mackenzie’s Point Beach, one of the smallest beaches in the State, which is a popular spot for surfing and a great place to relax by the water.

When you reach the end of your walk it’s ideal for a picnic at Coogee’s shaded parklands or a BBQ using the public facilities.

5. Ski in Snowy Mountains

This is ideal as we approach winter.

The Snowy Mountains have something to offer the whole family including; snowboarding, snow-tubing, snow-shoeing, tobogganing, chairlift rides and terrain parks.

There’s even plenty to do off-piste too including mountain biking and bushwalking.

With something for everyone, this is a great one to include in your list for the winter.

If you’ve got back pain that’s just flared up, come on out of the blue, or if you’ve been suffering for a while that it’s just become a normal part of your daily life – that doesn’t have to be the case.